Build Shortened, Random URLs

Randomness is the spice of life, so why not be random online? Why go where you want to go? Create shortened URLs that can redirect to multiple sites, randomly. Define the odds the user goes to each of these sites, and then, the user gets randomly sent to these destinations.

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Editing a Random URL

Sample Random Link

This link has a equal chance of taking you to the websites of FAMG (no FANG). Try it out for yourselves to see the randomness in action.


I thought that if the QR code of a poster for a club took people to different locations then people would be more interested.

Additionally, a single link can be updated over time can be for multiple clubs with each club (IE. 50% DECA or 50% QuizBowl)

So instead of putting up posters for each event, there could be a single poster that gets updated over time. Really the benefit to this is what you make of it.



No tracking of user information who uses the site. The only data tracked about a link is how many times people have visited it and the sites that they have been redirected to (a tool for link creators).


This application is free to use without advertisements / tracking. This is just a cool project that I wanted to make.


Queries run with average response times of <100 ms. Most of the time. The initial request takes longer due to Heroku being Heroku.